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David Grimes 

Author, Artist, Tinkerer 



I'm David Grimes. I have a degree in Fine Art and Art History, worked for a number of years in the animation industry and now work as a consultant. In my free time I love writing, painting and working on pet projects and doing outdoorsy stuff with family and friends.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful wife and two amazing kids who continue to inspire me every day. On this site, you will see some of my paintings, information on Adam's RHIB, a sci-fi trilogy that I have written, as well as information about the IceCube skating aid that I designed for people with special needs such as my son.


Things i'm passionate about 

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Adam's RHIB 

Advanced humanoid aliens watch from afar as an unwitting cohort of humans is thrown back in time where differences in climate, flora and fauna affect them in profound and terrifying ways. Don't expect the aliens to offer much help.

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Here are some paintings and artwork I have done. 



There are a lot of wonderful skating aids - but none of them worked for my son, who has special needs. To help him on the ice, we  developed the IceCube, which we hope to share with others who have similar needs.

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