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Adam's RHIB Trilogy 

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Book 1: March of the dead 

Neila leads the scientific mission of a secret colony of advanced humanoid aliens that aims to record an imminent and potentially cataclysmic cosmic event affecting the Earth. But some within the colony have come to oppose the project. Breslin, a human with fossil DNA, may offer the only hope of saving the mission. Can Neila convince him to help - and to keep the secret?

Book 2: Adam's RHIB 

As foretold by Neila, an advanced humanoid alien, a convoy of vessels in the Beaufort Sea is sucked through a wormhole with catastrophic damage and loss of life. They're still on Earth... But where? And when? Breslin knows, if anyone would believe him. As bewilderment, anger and denial unravel the social order, a small group is swept adrift in a rigid-hull inflatable boat. Who will rescue them? And why would they?

Book 3: Diatreme 

After a wormhole event casts them into the deep past, Breslin leads passengers and crew of two vessels in search of a small team that has been swept adrift on an unmapped sea. But Breslin holds a secret that could cost him his life - and make the castaways regret being rescued.

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